Who We Are


To provide professionals and businesses working for the wedding industry a dynamic and evolving platform to showcase their expertise and creativity and ultimately help them to grow their customer base.


To be the leading provider of online marketing and advertising services for wedding businesses with a global footprint.

Meet The Team

Marché is the creative brainchild of seasoned marketing manager and entrepreneur Japh Zapata.  She has a soft spot for wedding videos and beach weddings, and would rather choose to have a good videographer than a good wedding gown. Her interests range from fashion to photography to online business trends.

Aristotle Cruz is a BPO professional who aspires to visit all the Disneyland parks around the world. He writes ever since he owned a pencil and his eccentric views about everything can be seen at www.aristotleandatlantis.blogspot.com.

Grace Micah Oreiro is Marché’s writing intern. Her experience in writing is constantly honed through various essay-writing, literary, and journalism contests and workshops that she began attending when she was seven.  She is a student by day, reader by night, and a poet after midnight.

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