Royanne Camillia Couture’s 2016 Spring and Summer Collection

Royanne Camillia Couture proudly presents their Spring and Summer collection for 2016! The color palette of the collection is inspired by the natural hues and tones of romanticism brought by spring and summer. The subtle tones of their beautifully crafted couture pieces make it gloriously perfect to celebrate a wedding or debut in this season.

What really makes this collection dreamy is the design of every piece: each fabric and embellishment was carefully selected to bring together a dress that radiates the essence of the season.

If you picture yourself in a field of tall grass with a gentle sea breeze wafting through, and the leaves slowly bristling in the clear blue sky backdrop, this is what their designs aim to offer for their Spring/Summer Collection 2016. So whether you’re walking down the aisle or taking that big step to womanhood, Royanne Camillia Couture hopes to evoke you the life and love of this timeless season!

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Photography: Gerald Criste | Makeup: Paulo Carantes San Juan | Hair: Raiza Hidalgo | Models: Alicia Faubel, Dianna Timmermann and Stephen Lee

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