Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna Wedding Video

“Our story is not ideal and a lot of people didn’t understand us, didn’t understand the kind of love that we have. A love that’s so genuine. It’s just unbreakable…” – Pauleen

And the Master, himself, Jason Magbanua, did it again! We are so thrilled to share with you this wedding video of Bossing Vic and Pauleen Luna as they exchanged vows last January 30, 2016. We love every clip, every word, every emotion captured in this video. Enjoy everyone!

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  1. Boracay Photographer April 9, 2016 at 1:18 PM #

    I am not a fan of the couple. Perhaps they have a huge age gap :) however, one thing that divert my attention is the video. So entertaining at the same time it a short film showing the lovey dovey couple. It’s great and it makes me think that love has no age. :) Kudos to the one who make the video lively!

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