Melo and Ren: Love and Logic

He says: One Day in the Pantry

We were on the pantry taking a break. Then our friend showed up and told us something that caused me to panic. He asked how to tell a person that he likes this person. I panicked because I just asked someone from our team the same thing before this, so I thought that she set this up for me to do something. When our friend left, she then asked me what I thought. How do I tell a person that I like her? I felt pressured, like she already knows. My body was trembling. I don’t know what to say, I can’t look at her, I just kept smiling, and almost felt like crying. She then asked me again, and I see she is already flustered that I’m no longer speaking. I then gathered all the courage I can take and said, “Kasi… May gusto ko sayo…

So how did it come to this point?

I first knew and met her in our first company. We were in the same project but on different teams. I only knew her by name, and glanced at her once or twice. So it wasn’t love at first sight, just like the others.

After four years, I decided to leave and look for a company with a higher pay. After several months, I heard that she will be moving to the company I was in as well. We became teammates, and from what I’ve seen, she is a fashionista. Initially, we didn’t get to talk much, and we only get to do so when there were tasks assigned to her that I need to assist to or review.

The company then set-up an event and they have appointed new roll-ins to have a presentation. She led in creating a design number for this presentation. I didn’t have any critical tasks at that time, so when she and our friends started rehearsing, I also joined as a participant. When I saw her dancing, that’s when I saw a spark in her. And then during one of the rehearsals, I heard an audio recording in her phone of her singing. There was already something at that time that I want to know more about her. But, the “torpe” side of me is still very strong, and I’m only able to get to know her when I’m around with our friends. None of them knew I already liked her at that time, but I didn’t show it nor made a move for fear of being rejected.

The presentation was a success, thanks to her being a strict dance instructor. During that event, I felt happy when she was around me, and also helped me with my assigned tasks. Before the end of the event, there was an announcement of Prince & Princess and King & Queen of the night. I won as the King, and she as the Princess. I always wished that we were paired together to win. I even thought of asking the Prince to step away for me to take over, but it didn’t happen (again, torpe.)

It didn’t end there though. There were other events that we were in together. At that time, I always liked to be around her to see her smiling and happy. After a while, we started to hang-out with only the two of us. From breakfast, to several breaks, and also went together going home (at that time, only until at the shuttle stop).

Eventually, we were in the pantry taking a break. And I stopped being torpe.

She says: This Life-Changing Guy

We first met in Accenture as we both previously worked there. We were on the same project but in different teams. I only knew him by name, and as one of the techie developers.

He was the first one that moved to CAI-STA, then after few months I also decided to pursue my career there. We became teammates and had our first and formal introduction to each other by our manager. At first we really don’t talk to each other. He is very quiet and aloof to others. He was also one of our sort-of team leaders. Back then, I was annoyed at him everyday because I felt that he’s always sarcastic with regards to our work.

So how did we become friends? Well, I was appointed to handle the presentation for our Christmas Party. I had to teach the 30+ newbies for the presentation, and this includes him as well. He became very curious on what kind of presentation we will be doing so he joined us in the planning stage.

From then on, I started talking to him and befriended him. I found out that he was really not that annoying. I became curious about his life since he is very quiet. He seldom tells us about what he liked in a girl. Since he is an NGSB guy, we always asked him if he was interested that time to someone, and then he said that there was a girl that caught his attention. I actually don’t have any idea that it was me because most of our teammates teased him to another girl, and also because we actually didn’t talk that much.

When he had the courage to tell me about his feelings, I was a bit shocked because I didn’t have any idea that he liked me. From the beginning I always thought that the girl he liked and the person he was talking about was somebody else. I am the kind of person that was afraid to be in a relationship; but still, I gave him a chance. I told him that I cannot promise anything but we’ll just check and see if we’ll click.

He started courting me. As usual we had a lot of dinner dates, movies, and playing in the arcade. He even tried to play my favorite song on the guitar. He always accompanied me on my way home, thinking that I am from the far city of Navotas.

I didn’t notice how I actually fell in love with him. It’s just one day that I realized that no one actually did that effort for me, he always traveled an extra mile just to be with me. I know that his intentions and love is incomparable and pure. I just realized and woke up one day, and thought, I cannot afford seeing him and living without me. So after few weeks of courting, dating, and making me fall with his moves, I gave my YES to him.

First, we short-listed the suppliers according to our preference. Then we inquired on them one by one. We also researched about them thru online groups and those blog sites. Good thing that I am one of the wawie so we can easily search for feedback.

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_RJV2838 copy
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CZP_0851 copy
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Wedding Suppliers:

Church: Caleruega-Philippines | Preps and Reception: Casablanca Private Resort | Caterer: k. by cunanan catering | Primary Photo: CamZar Photography | Video: Aisle 1401 | Secondary Photo: OneCarlo Photography | HMUA: Val Villarin Hmua | Bridal Gown: Gretchen Pichay | Groom’s Suit: Emil Ocampo | Entourage and Mother of the bride’s gown: Niko Hernandez | Ceremony set up: Thefloralartist Signatureflowers | Photobooth: Photospree Booth | Wedding Cord: Thai Crystals and Swarovski by mom&me | Bride’s bouquet: Vatel Manila | Ring and Coin Pillow: {etc} Handmade Goodness | Prep dress: La Tercera | Crew meal: Packed Gourmet | Bridal car: MVP Cars | Band: Infinite Soul Acoustic | Mobile Bar: GQ Mobile Bar | Tent: Tent King – tent in Tagaytay | Invitation: Urbanista Invites | Officiating Priest: Father Allen | Coordinator: Imbitado Events | Host: Ayie Contreras-Tuates of Imbitado Events | Cake: Toy Cakes & Pastries | Antourage shoes: Manor Exclusives | Bridal Shoes: My Wedding Options

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