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Let us walk you down the aisle.

Marché is the very first bridal e-magazine in the Philippines. With that stated, you can be confident that whatever wedding-related service we can render to you will be just as innovative and as trendy as what Marché is known for—being a first of its kind. Marché simply seeks to dress you in the best gown, capture your beautiful moments in expert angles, and let you say “I do” in the perfect place.

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Everyone’s eye for beauty.

Even in its maiden months, Marché has already gained quite the amount of readership that grows on a daily basis. Every social networking site is active and booms with participation.  Moreover, the benefit of publishing a bridal e-magazine is being able to welcome the diversity of our audience (from curious singles to inspired newly-engaged to sentimental couples) hailing from various places in the world.

Since it is based in the Philippines, we have the largest percentage of our viewers here, followed by:

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 2.39.52 PM(Actual Screenshot data from September 2015 – February 2016)

Marché has an average of 3,100 unique visits per day with an average of 6,000 total pageviews. Most of the web traffic happens during the “ber” months starting from September to February.

The vows.

Marché  is fuelled by the idea of being able to highlight brilliant works from brilliant minds in the wedding industry. But more than just advertising, we also seek to build partnerships founded on respect and trust. This is a company comprised of passionate individuals who want to help you make it big (or even bigger) in the wedding industry. Your success motivates us that is why we guarantee you get the best from Marché’s pool of talents.

Here comes the “I do”.

So go ahead, Marché with us!

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